Alexis Curtis

Just who is Alexis Curtis?

She’s a 32-year old, single, spunky parole officer who’s not afraid of a challenge, and certainly not any parolees with attitudes.

She’s the seldom master, more often slave to Artemis, an 85-pound 6-month old bull mastiff puppy that she unhappily acquired from one of her parolees when he returned to custody.

Alexis’s three younger sisters highlight her inability to achieve a life of stability and normalcy. Sissy, the artsy drama queen flits from one dream to another. Yet, her inconsistent lifestyle is forgiven as she’s the youngest and is still trying to ‘find’ herself.

Next in line is Gina: the epitome of perfection. Gina is chic and beautiful and married to a wonderfully stable husband. Gina’s the perfect wife and mother of three children.

Tracey is a successful criminal defence lawyer living in California making oodles of money. Alexis’s career as a public servant earns her a mere pittance for a salary and she’s working with the dregs of society.

Joanne, the matriarch is not happy with her eldest, and pulls every stunt she knows to change her daughter’s life.


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