3 days

And the saga continues with Alexis and Stewie tracking down the owner of the money in the briefcase.


14 days

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Alexis Curtis is a spunky 32-year old parole officer who works hard to keep her parolees in line, date someone normal, and train her unruly 6-month old bull mastiff, Artie.

Friday morning, Alexis checks her voicemail and hears a menacing voice warn her: just two more weeks, and then you are dead. Undeterred, Alexis ignores the warning; that is, until a bomb is found in her office, she’s stabbed and almost drowns in her bathtub, her car is tampered with, and Artie is kidnapped.

Stewie O’Reilly, centre man for the Ottawa Controllers’ Hockey Team takes on the role of Alexis’ bodyguard. With time quickly running out, Alexis races through each day trying to meet the legal demands of her job, massage the ego of her temperamental boss and assuage her family’s fears for her life. With the help of Stewie and her new friend Troy, they attempt to unravel the identity of her stalker. BUT is her stalker friend or foe? And will she make it in time?

Hello world!

So here I am … a published author, with a very small following!